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Please enter the form below, making the right selections for your birth day and click on the "calculate" button. Man Woman. Enter the time of birth with the correct format.

Put local legal time, do not adjust for summer time - it's automatic! Check this box if your time of birth unknown -- we'll do a sunrise chart for you which places your sun on the ascendant.

Calculate your star chart with this helpful tool – and share with friends – it's free!

There is a large data base of localities. Enter at least the first 3 letters to choose in the list.

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Offer chart calculation and graphics from your site. This site incorporates all the functions of conventional astrology software, but online — with the advantage of being available anywhere and at any time, and of course it functions with any sort of device that can surf the web. You can view your natal charts from a PC, tablet or smart phone, consult horoscopes for any chart and for any date, check horoscope compatibilty between two persons, verify the zodiac signs for a person, find transits and then display many graphics to illustrate your charts.

Chart Creator

With your log on, you can create a birth chart with your smart phone or tablet, for instance, then explore the astrology signs in more detail at home with a PC or Mac. With your date and place of birth, find your rising sign and the positions of the other stars in your birth chart, with birth chart reading and a great choice of graphics. Your data is saved automatically.

Free Natal Chart Report

A birth chart shows of the positions of the planets viewed from the earth at a given moment. Learn even more about the planetary bodies with the app's comprehensive astrology glossary. It's packed and comprehensive. It works really hard for you and makes your smart phone even smarter.

Birth Chart | Vedic Astrology Birth Chart | Rasi Chart & Birth Charts Online

It's technically advanced enough to satisfy a professional astrologer while packed with interpretations that are perfect for students and astrology fans. The text and technical quality are top notch. We have updated the Atlas information for China - adding new cities and clarifying duplicate database entries and modern time zone usage. Also some of the displayed Time Zone codes have been improved.

We have also improved the interpretation handling for Solar Arc Progressions, also called "Directions. Full of knowledge, and easy to use. Asteroids would be nice too. Well worth the time, and money.

How to Read a Circular Astrology Chart

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