Blue moon february 21 2020 astrology

Who was Lilith. Lilith is envisioned as a seductive woman, who transforms into a blue, butterfly-like demon. She was way too independent and sexually liberated so she was cast out of Eden and demonised by Jewish lore for her wild ways.

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In that sense, Lilith represents the untamed female hence taboo sexuality and power, unfettered by marriage, motherhood or childbirth. Lilith is also the natural ruler of magick and witchcraft. Lilith in Astrology. Astronomically, Black Moon Lilith is a mathematical point in space. The astrological glyph used for Lilith is an inverted black crescent underpinned by a cross. Lilith astrological symbol express emancipation, freedom, independence, karma, darkness, evil, temptation, conscience, soul and allurement.

So what does it mean to have Black Moon Lilith in a particular star sign? What does it reveal about your sexuality? Lilith is one heck of a sexy chick, so check out your Dark Moon is below! Lilith in Aries. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Aries if you were born between these dates: 07—08——01—05— 11—06——07—03— 17—04——10—01— 20—02——15—11— 27—12——21—09— 01—11——26—07— 06—09——01—06— 12—07——06—04— 18—05——10—02— 24—03——17—12— 26—01——20—10— You dream of going on a hunt and clubbing your object of desire over the head before you drag them to your cave.

Others love your killer instinct but fear your anger. Your shadow is that of an amazon, a conqueror, a competitive and blood-thirsty sex-fiend! You instantly go on the offensive if your button is pressed and become a tactless, selfish cad. Lilith in Taurus. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Taurus if you were born between these dates: 02—05——25—01— 08—03——01—12— 11—01——06—10— 16—11——12—08— 22—09——16—06— 27—07——22—04— 02—06——25—02— 07—04——01—01— 11—02——06—11— 17—12——12—09— Lilith in the sign of the bull makes for one lusty chick!

You want what you want and everyone else can go fish. You dream of endless self-indulgence in guilty pleasures where you fulfil your every whim. Your lust for love, luxury and money is an aphrodisiac for others, although they fear your jealous streak.

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Your shadow is that of a bully, greedy, gluttonous and possessive, a slave to your carnal urges. Should you see red, you will bully, coerce and tyrannise others into submission.

Lilith in Gemini. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini if you were born between these dates: 26—01——22—10— 02—12——27—08— 07—10——03—07— 13—08——07—05— 17—06——13—03— 23—04——16—01— 26—02——22—11— 02—01——27—09— 07—11——02—08— 11—09——08—06— Lilith in the sign of the twins makes for one tricksy chick! Do you fantasise of threesomes? Or maybe you like talking dirty in bed? Lilith in Cancer. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer if you were born between these dates: 23—10——18—07— 28—08——23—05— 04—07——28—03— 08—05——31—01— 14—03——07—12— 17—01——12—10— 23—11——18—08— 28—09——22—06— 03—08——29—04— 10—06——04—03— Are you a MILF?

Others see you as a matriarch, wanting to submit to you and curl up in your bosom, yet also fearing your all-consuming power. Your shadow is that of the devourer, man-eater and blasphemer. Lilith in Leo. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Leo if you were born between these dates: 19—07——13—04— 24—05——17—02— 29—03——22—12— 01—02——28—10— 08—12——02—09— 13—10——09—07— 19—08——13—05— 23—06——19—03— 30—04——22—01— 05—03——28—11— You dream of being worshipped and adored — preferably by a large court.

Your shadow is your incredible vanity, narcissism and megalomania. Lilith in Virgo.

How to Get the Best Out of a Blue Moon!

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Virgo if you were born between these dates: 14—04——07—01— 18—02——12—11— 23—12——17—09— 29—10——24—07— 03—09——29—05— 10—07——03—04— 14—05——06—02— 20—03——13—12— 23—01——20—10— 29—11——25—08— Sex-angel Lilith in the sign of the virgin creates some strong contradictions! You have an eye for detail and so your image of sex is almost clinical.

Do you own a nurse costume? Still, you probably dream of alternately playing the virgin and the whore. Others want to mess you up and conquer your virginity but they fear your cold, heartless demeanour. Your shadow is that of a virgin priestess or a nun and a man-hater. If your button is pressed you go frigid and critical, refusing to listen, open up or offer any assistance. Lilith in Libra. People were even posting about it on Facebook! I am a Scorpio, and our intuition and ability to "feel" other people's feelings is extremely strong, so I'm sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that is contributing to my recent level of emotional and physical intensity.

I would just like to know why it is all so intense right now, beyond what I've experienced in the past? Is something going on that anyone knows of right now that would affect this like a full moon does at a lower intensity? Thank you. I had been wondering if we had a full moon, which brought me to this site to see. My wife has Alzheimer's and I noticed she was more confused this Sunday, and that control of my temper almost got me to the moon, I got so upset that I had a very hard time sleeping well that night I had a lot of acid intergestion, being a caregiver is tough enough I don't need the moon adding to it.

Wow, what can I say?

I love the moon. I hate cloudy nights when you cannot see the moon, ya know? Just want to let you know that your almanac has been in my family for years. I am 70 years old,but I remember my Daddy had one, and it being one of the things that was not looked as " just a book. Later on, I remember one of my sisters using it to check the gestation of certain amimals, I hope that's the right word. She would breed her pigs, to put eggs in her incubator, go fishing, and so many other things.

I had a brother who used it to set crops, set eggs, to fish, and so on. I still enjoy it to this day. Thank you for so many years of enjoyment. I know you weren't around when I was born tho. Hi, Jan, This made our day! We always enjoy hearing from Almanac fans who represent generations of readership! Same here Jan im not as elder as you, but everything we did around our farm was based on the moon. This knowledge led me to learn how to compile birth natal charts.

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  4. Our lives are amazing when viewed through astrology. My husband is planning to have knee replacement surgery in the near future. I would like to know what days are the best to have surgery. My Mother never did anything without consulting the Almanac first! She is now 94 and in the nursing home, so I can't ask her. Please help me out! I am an RN who takes care of orthopedic patients every work day.

    My suggestion is to have surgery early in the week Monday or Tues , if possible.

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    Then your hubby can be discharged hopefully prior to the weekend. It is not necessary to consult the moon, just advise him to be an active participant in his care. A word to the wise: walk, walk, walk! My husband has had both knees done he can climb a ladder with 50 lb bag feed he is a rancher. He can carry large hay bales. He gets on the roof of our house.