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The assignment of each Capricorn is to embrace their opposing sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon, just like every Aquarius has a task to embrace the Sun from Leo. Having these two lights in this numeral analysis on two sides of Pluto, we must recognize their importance for the bigger picture. This is the date that always speaks of a deep change of perspective, inner light and emotional state. A shift from emotional to rational, from subconscious, through unconscious to conscious.

It is a place where something must resurface, be found, dug out, or discovered. From the masses of people only one king will rise, and it is up to these people to find the excellence and royalty within, while separating from family ties, patterns, and emotional ties, to become a leader. This date is a place for gatherings of those who are important, and the Moon with the Sun adds to that image.

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This symbol speaks about important people, men in the clearest masculine, leading principle, and their power, influence and ability to affect the world from the shadows, conspiring or arranging things for everyone else. We can see that the numeral value of January 20th comes down to number 3 and the rule of Jupiter. It is easy to recognize an obvious need to reconcile differences and progress through love, family, and relationships towards self-discovery and fulfillment, but it is just as clear that this person is born to think, travel, learn, expand and teach.

As their convictions start to change for the better and they start to build reasonable optimism, they will know they are on the right path. Emotional life of people born on the 20th of January is quite a rollercoaster, for they are born with an intense set of feelings and trying to shove them under the rug for the most of their lifetime.

It is typical for them to attract and choose partners who will hurt them in some way, just so they can rationalize and move on, closing their heart bit by bit, year after year. If they stop nurturing the child within, they could become distant and closed, drawn apart from the rest of the world and lonely in their attempt to protect their sensitive insides. It is the system of beliefs and their pink goggles that define the direction in which their love life will move. People born on this date need to know instead of guessing, and feel with every fiber of their being that they have found the right person to be with, to be able to create the sense of belonging they wish for.

Those born on January 20th often turn out to be excellent mediators, matchmakers, or peacemakers. Depending on their own state of the emotional world and their relationships within the family they were born into, they will have the potential needed to move in a meaningful direction. Either their sense of childish security will remain with them for a long time, or leave them too early for their life to develop to an impressive future. A very good crystal to fit the needs of a January 20th personality is malachite. Its protective properties give a person room to create a barrier towards the outer world, leaving enough time and energy to deal with everything that goes on within.

It will aid one to open their heart to others and bring harmonious energy to all types of relationships. To make a person born on January 20th happy, one needs to realize that they have something like a split personality within. Aquarius Season begins today and runs until February 20th! Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Your daily tarot card reading and horoscope for each zodiac sign is here for Sunday, January 20 th , ! The Sun represents the public side of the self. This Aquarius Season you may find that life feels busy and you want to make some improvements at this time.

Hang in there and be sure you're prepared for the work you have ahead. It can be positive to make changes, albeit when you feel you need to make a snap choice. But, when you have stability now in order to make things better, you need to let that go, it can feel a bit daunting. Today's Aquarius Sun remains connected with Mercury who is in the sign of Cancer. A soft approach to entering the workplace is idea. You may be more open to hearing different conversations that are deeply personal without becoming personally involved yourself.

The Aquarius Sun confronts its ruling planet in Aries. This may mean that conflicts arise due to a matter that affects the home. New things such as furniture or job changes can create more interest into what you need in order to stabilize the home front. The Sun is looking ahead for areas that require change that is positive and deeply sensitive with a Sun conjunct Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Growth potential can be harder to reach today due to a square between the Sun and Jupiter.

Personal opinions may be shared today but pay attention to readiness levels of friends, colleagues or associates that would be affected by your decision to do something out of the ordinary.

Aries, friends can be your guiding light. Often when you're unsure about a situation you don't really allow yourself enough time to figure things out.

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Instead, you'll boldly charge forward hoping that things will submit to your strong will. When it doesn't work out that way you will simply repeat this same step and later get upset that your approach was unsuccessful. The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is a reminder that life is about choices and sometimes none of your options are necessarily wrong, they are simply a difference in direction. Sometimes you're destined by fate to travel a certain path and no matter which scenic route you decide to take, you end at the same destination. Taurus, a new job can manifest.

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When it comes to dreaming, you often visualize yourself as receiving something tangible. You like when you are rewarded for your hard work, and so having something that shows you were recognized is meaningful for you. You may not always 'see' which direction you are headed but you will sense that you're in the right place. Gemini, travel may be on the horizon. Right now, your dreams involve more than just money or career goals. You want love.

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You may be more curious about the nature of love and look for ways to become a student of it. The World Tarot card means you are moving into focus mode and this may mean that you're starting to look more seriously at your relationships. The people in your life will notice that your interest in them is improving and your desire to connect on a much deeper level than before is genuine.

Cancer, learn to say good-bye to stress without holding on to what ifs. You love to dream about life, love, relationships and sometimes just dream for the sake of daydreaming. You often imagine what your next most successful step in life will be. Sometimes your frustration is a direct result of your desire to have what you see in your mind. The Emperor Tarot card means that you have a chance to learn from someone who can show you the ropes to reaching your dreams. Leo, when it comes to love you make this an art form.

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Tapping into the universal energy comes naturally to you. You are often an open vessel when it comes to believing things can happen. The Magician Tarot card means you're in a position to fulfill your goals but you will not be depending on others. Instead, you'll be making a path for yourself.