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When I meet a Gemini male in particular, I don't even bother to try and get them to understand that there really is something real going on with astrology.

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I feel sorry for them on that account as they are missing out on a whole world of helpful and useful knowledge. You'll soon see how the planets influence you on a daily basis.

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It's as simple as that. Your loss if you don't, astrology is the most amazing and enlightening subject I ever came across, science included. That's a bit harsh on the Gemini, Starlove. I myself am a Gemini Sun and have a deep appreciation for Astrology. Furthermore, an Aries conjunction of the moon, Venus and Eris in the eighth house is also present. Yes I am analytical, but that doesn't stop me from testing the waters with an idea that is statistically accurate, but not currently explainable.

Although it gnaws at me to find an explanation, I still believe in it's validity based on the results of numerous case studies. Given the right Gemini, they are capable of in-depth analysis into something without apparent scientific grounding. It is very strange of a scientist and a skeptical to be sure of anything really So isn't it very bold to say something so absolute as something has nothing do with another thing? That the workings of our psyche "brains"???!

So what about the moon having actual observable physical effects on the E e arth, its waters, plants, inhabitants, the periodical occurrences of natural phenomena e. Check out Magisociety They have empirical data and are making money on the stock market with their findings. They have found common astrological aspects for cheaters and sexual addicts To say that astrology can be scientific is not necessarily to say that it's true. It's merely to say that it sometimes involves testable hypotheses.

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Consider the astrological proposition that persons born with a majority of their "planets" I'm using the term in its astrological sense to include the sun and moon below the horizon are more likely to be introverts, while those with a majority of their planets above the horizon are more likely to be extroverts. This is a scientific hypothesis, and can be fairly easily tested by comparing the predictions made by the horoscopes of a fairly large sample of people with their scores on standard tests of introversion and extroversion.

It may be true, and it may not be true, but it is testable, and therefore scientific. Using astrology I predict, that when the sun goes down, you and virtually everyone ells will loose consciousness and slip into a dream state I also predict that you will regain your consciousness when the Earth spins such that the sun is again blasting cosmic energy directly at you tomorrow morning Women, generally will have a menstrual cycle in lockstep the moons 27 day cycle; they suffer PMS, and time their pregnancies.

Fertility and birth is recognized the world over as characterized by the moon, and a spring birthing season. Generally, Astrology is the theory that the spacial orientation of the bodies in heaven, influence human events. Of course you know this is an objective fact. Astrology is like medicine, or law; laypersons seldom possess a comprehensive mastery of the subject matter, but astrology is as well supported in science as law or medicine, despite the laypersons often outrageous characterizations of science, law or medicine.

Astrology is the predictive science; you should start at the basics to begin to understand how that is. It's foolish to defend yourself in court, or perform your own surgery. It is as foolish to disregard the most prima facia facts in the name of regurgitating the status quo. Perhaps you will dream about this tonight, and consider that as the sun rises tomorrow, and restores your consciousnesses Hello, that is very interesting subject. I would like to see those papers or whatever myself. Would you mind to provide me with links? Thank you! The author has had almost seven years to reply with his peer reviewed sources.

I don't see them here. I'm skeptical of any claims he makes. Really good i was impressed by reading this article, Don't get confused Which subjects are best suited for you?.

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To get rid of this visit and contact ScienceBehindAstro. And weather and seasons are the result of the Sun, so I would say that your data does confirm that stars and planets do affect us. And that's what astrology is about: how the positions of the Sun, moon, and planets affect us. But is science always correct? Those scientists when making the conclusion about a relationship between personality types or even mental diseases and the date of birth have mainly relied on statistical data.

Meanwhile, the statistics can always be misleading. There are a number of 'false' statistics with variables that seem to have strong correlations, while actually, they have nothing to do with each other, such as divorce rate and consumption of margarine, etc.

Does this mean that one day science will insist that eating margarine actually affects the divorce rate?

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If their claims are true, then how the science explains the correlation of birth date with diseases, such as schizophrenia. Furthermore, even if they have solid evidence to confirm that the month of birth and type of personality have a strong connection, it does not still support the point that astrology can predict the day for people with same Zodiac signs. Are people born in the same period of time identical?

Do people with the same personality type have the exact days throughout their whole lives? Not really! Borrowing your own description of yourself, you are indeed an idiot. You are an idiot like millions like yourself for thinking you know what you are obviously clueless.

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Your so-called Zodiac sign determined by the month of birth is one variable among variables in a natal chart. The position of all other planets i. PLUS the aspects the angles they make to each other at the time of birth , plus the house number determined by the hour of your birth , as well as the planetary speeds and much more are crucial in determining one's personality.

It's amazing how many idiot "scientists" get to do lousy "research" to disprove a complex discipline like astrology without even knowing the basics of it, and then they self congratulate themselves on their "rational" "scientific" smarts while in fact they have been ignorant idiots all the way. I have been reading about astrology in the past 5 years, and the more I read, the more I see how deep, complex, and true it is.

I wish to see more scientific evidence or even concrete data. Where is the survey from? What is the research you include in this article? What's more, correlative events are not necessarily causative. You cannot make this guess or hypothesis.


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Not really. But those Pisces have something fishy going on.

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