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On the same page, a similar note is drafted in Latin and addressed to the King of France and the members of the Consiglio Segreto the Privy Council. Both Ferrante and his son Alfonso of Calabria fell ill with tertian fever probably of malarial nature. Both the king and his son seem to have been, at least briefly, in danger of dying. Hers was not a happy marriage and her unruly behaviour had caused considerable diplomatic embarrassment at both courts in the past. See also, C.

The letters of 12, 16, 18, 19 Nov. On the Galenic theory of critical days, see G. Galatina, Congedo, , 2 vols.

See E. Other letters were sent to Galeazzo by Antonello Petrucci, regio segretario, on Nov. He also confirmed that Ferrante was feeling better and he was no longer in danger of dying. While he had often tested the limits of this delicate relationship with Ferrante, he knew that if Naples found itself without a king, the Angevins would certainly have claimed the realm.

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For this reason Ga- leazzo reassured Ippolita, her husband, and Ferrante that he was ready to inter- vene should the circumstances require it. We could speculate that Ga- leazzo would have been pleased to see one of his most hostile enemies exit the political scene. What made the situation particularly difficult in this instance was the fact that Galeazzo could no longer count on the trustworthy intelligence of his resident ambassador.

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By April the tension between the two houses had escalated to the point that Ferrante had decided to recall his ambassador in Milan, Antonio Cicinello. To retaliate, Galeazzo unwisely decided to do the same with his own ambassador in Naples, Francesco Maletta, who, by August of the same year had left Naples. To remedy this situation, Galeazzo had sent the newly elected bishop of Piacenza, Sacramoro da Rimini, to Naples, but Sacramoro did not reach Naples until the 29th, when Ferrante was seemingly already out of danger. In following letters dated 25 and 26 November he reassured Ippolita of his support and indicated that his troops had already received instructions to march towards Naples should the need arise.

Sacramoro Sacramoro, better known as Sacramoro da Rimini, was elected bishop of Piacenza in October of the same year, only to leave the appointment on 15 January to be- come bishop of Parma. He held the post until , the year of his death. Eubel, Hie- rarchia catholica medi aevi, Monasterii, sumptibus et typis librariae regensbergianae, , p. Strutture e pratiche beneficiarie nel Ducato di Milano , ed. Chittolini, Napoli, Liguori, , pp.

From a fifteenth-century perspective, this was a legitimate way to dissipate doubts and gather potentially useful information, at least if, as in this case, the person requiring such services was a ruler like Gale- azzo, who had frequently resorted to the predictive skills of astrologers. Would Ferrante die? If so, when? He answered with confidence that Ferrante would not escape his death and will soon die of his illness. His response to the question was subdivided into three conclu- sions based on the chart.

Such a precise prediction was certainly audacious, but given the fact that the question was posed when Ferrante was believed to be seriously ill some- thing that Annius was likely to have known at the time of the interrogation , it is probably not very surprising. Our astrologer, in any case, gave himself some room to maneuver. To avoid being blamed or worse should his response prove inaccurate, he added that, had he known the day of the decubitum namely, the day and time of the onset of the illness he would have been able to offer a more conclusive response to the question.

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Not only did Ferrante es- cape death in , but he also lived for another nineteen years, dying only in at the age of sixty-three. It is more likely that Galeazzo simply accepted that such a prognostication could only be tentative. As noted by Anthony Grafton, much like modern-day economics, Renaissance astrology was considered a conjectural science.

See G.

Fornaciari et al. Additionally, as Annius stated in his conclusions, he had not been given all the information necessary to provide a firm prediction. Yet, his conclusion was purely speculative. Annius, however, had cast his interrogation between the 20th and 21st hour of the 24th, namely between 12 and 1of the same day, the morning before the spuri- ous news reached Genoa. Conclusions The relationship between Annius and Galeazzo was one of political and pragmatic necessity.

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It seems natural that it ended when Galeazzo was murdered. Adapting to the changing political scene and his changing fortunes was a necessity for Annius. His political alliances thus soon shifted. A few years later we find him championing Fer- rante as the leader of a new crusade against the Turks, and defending the Genoese cause against the Sforza. Much as his contemporaries, Galeazzo was not a blind believer in astrology.

Quoted in Fumagalli, Aneddoti iii , pp. On November 23rd the sun would have set in Genoa just before 5pm. On Fer- rante as the leader of a new crusade, see Weiss, Traccia per una biografia, p. For Fahrusha, telling fortunes is in the blood: Her father was psychic! She also casts spells. Fahrusha also reads photographs of both people and pets, dead or alive. Before the session, she spends some time thinking about your name, so that by the time you arrive, she, and the voices, are ready.

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Though Lutin cryptically describes Tibet and the art of Roy Lichtenstein as his inspirations for becoming an astrologer while living in Paris in the sixties, he is quick to point out that his greatest mentor is, in fact, a psychotherapist. When that very thing happened, she got a nice, formal thank-you note. If we operate from the point of truth, we cannot lose in any situation. Pettus has been practicing for over 20 years. His postdoctoral training was at Harvard Medical School. Alison has lived in the Berkshires since Senior faculty at Kripalu Center, she teaches mindful eating and cleansing programs and has a private practice in Pittsfield.

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Australian-born Rev. Bente Hansen is an Intuitive and Wellness Consultant. She offers clients energy healing, channeling, Soul readings, distance energy clearing, and spiritual counseling, and is an inspirational speaker. She recently moved to New York, though her client base is international.